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Official link between many Zacatecas migrants federations in the United States

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We invite to know more about the work of the Zacatecas foreign community seeing this document about how FEDZAC was formed.
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Support Programs

These are some of the programs we can work here in

programa 3x1

Program 3×1 for Migrants

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3×1 Program for Migrants Program 3 × 1 born in the state of Zacatecas and has been driven in difficult times Zacatecas had the need to migrate to the United…

programa 2x1

Program 2×1 for Migrants

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This new programs requested by migrants beginning with the Federal Government in Scheme 1 × 1 now only in the state of Zacatecas is 2 for 1 because Mr. Miguel…

programa becas 3x1

Schoolarship Program 3×1

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Scholarship Program 3×1 funded Migrant and Municipal , State and Federal Governments The 3X1 Program , originates in the state of Zacatecas and is powered by zacatecanos who had the…

tianguis agropecuario

Market for the Zacatecas agriculture community in the United States

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In order to encourage and promote the entrenchment of Zacatecas community in the place of origin, the state government of Zacatecas in collaboration with clubs and federations has driven through…

Press Room

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Lastest News

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Are you ready to invest in Mexico?

Here in FEDZAC we want to help you to transform your great idea into a great business. We push you in the process to make productive projects to active the comunity economy and to engross the regional social development.

In FEDZAC we count with 4 years of experience in this matter. Designing and developing business plans and models to consolidate and asure the sucess of your project.

Resources to apply to Program 3×1 at

These are the forms needed in order to apply with a project to Program 3×1 at

sign document

Operation Rules: Program 2×1 for Migrants 2014

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Throughout the years , investment clubs that migrants have made ​​to their communities origin, on their own initiative and through the 3×1 Program for Migrants , has helped improve conditions…


Operation Rules: Schoolarship Program 3×1

| Papers and formats | No Comments

With the idea of ​​supporting these young people not to interrupt their studies , is presented below Regulation for the granting of scholarships for outstanding low-income students through the 3×1…


Material: Politic Manual Advocacy Facilitation

| Materials, Papers and formats, Resources | No Comments

This manual is the product of six years of experience in training and monitoring of processes of change through advocacy in Central America. The main purpose is to provide conceptual…


Material: Do you know what to do in case of deportation?

| Materials, News, Papers and formats | No Comments

Here is a manual developed by the Appleseed Foundation, for whose realization was attended by Efraín Jiménez, president of FEDZAC. Este manual ha sido generosamente financiado de forma parcial por…

Project Portfolio

These are some of the projects hosted here in FEDZAC.

nueva generacion quezada

Quezada New Generation

14 July, 2014

las guias

Las Guias Livestock

4 July, 2014

produccion fresas

Strawberry Production and Sale

4 July, 2014

llantera sandoval

Sandoval Tyre Store

4 July, 2014

familia hernandez

Hernandez Family Calves Farm

19 June, 2014

los tres reyes

The Three Kings

19 June, 2014

proyecto nerfe

NERFE Workshop

19 June, 2014

hules automotrices

Fresnillo Automobile Rubber

19 June, 2014

abarrotera melendrez

Melendez Grocery

19 June, 2014

interiores fresnillo

Interior Decorations from Fresnillo

19 June, 2014



10 June, 2014

agua blanca

Agua Blanca Livestock

10 April, 2014