What is Federacion Zacatecana?

Federacion Zacatecana AC also known by its acronym as FEDZAC is a civil non-profit organization, legally established in Mexico with Unique Key Federal Register of Civil Society Organizations (CLUNI) at the National Institute of Social Development; INDESOL: FZA090819032011 FEDZAC is a moral person causing and is registered with the Tax Assistance; SAT with the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC): FZA090819SM3 FEDZAC was legally constituted on August 19, 2009 at the Public Notary No. 29 of the City of Zacatecas, is governed by a Board of Directors composed of six members of the Council members permanently residing in Los Angeles, California, five members of the Board members who permanently reside in the state of Zacatecas.Los members of the Board are prominent members of the Zacatecas migrant community in the United States and leading agribusiness investment projects and services program supported by the 3×1 and 2×1.

FEDZAC aims to promote institutional strengthening Federations Migrant Organizations and communities in both countries looking to better realize their potential as a new player in the local and regional development can influence the development and design of new public policies on migration and development.

In FEDZAC we are convinced that the leadership of migrants from Zacatecas for the Zacatecan communities on both sides of the border is essential for achieving coordinate actions to help improve the lives of our families which always favors dialogue with governments, the private sector, commercial banking, academia, labor organizations and other civil society organizations.

The September 11, 2010, FEDZAC convened a meeting with top leaders of organizations in the United States Zacatecas, with representation from California, Illinois, Texas, Florida, Colorado and Nevada; at that meeting and important agreements were reached unprecedented Federations for the first time in history reach a consensus achievement unanimously agree that six points were presented at the first public hearing that featured Mr. Miguel Alonso Reyes Constitutional Governor of the State Zacatecas (2010-2016). During this meeting FEDZAC was appointed Liaison Officer in Mexico Multi Federations and Organizations Migrants Zacatecan allowing constantly monitored in such agreements. Importantly Federations Chicago, Denver, West Coast, Forth Wort and Northern California have decided not to sign the memorandum of understanding which was originally signed on September 11, 2010.

FEDZAC works in three specific and free of charge to promote community development with the participation of migrants from Zacatecas areas: Support for investment projects sponsored migrants from Zacatecas U.S. residents, suggesting consultants for the preparation of studies, negotiations with consulting government and support projects. Influencing public policies to encourage investment and a better standard of living in the communities of origin of migrants. Administration and accounting services for businesses and other ventures of migrants to generate and use key to business development agro financial information.

Our mission is to ensure the social and economic welfare of migrants and their home communities wp-by strengthening social networks to ensure solidarity, transparency and accountability as a platform to transform Mexico into a wellness and development .

Today we share a vision where: FEDZAC is a solid financial institution and technically we strengthen the actions of federations and Zacatecas migrants, encourages their union, coordinates efforts to influence public policies that help create self-sustaining companies with a business discipline, promoting productive projects wp -through partnerships with educational institutions and sectors involved.

Philosophy at FEDZAC

We believe in Mexico and the opportunities it represents. We believe in Mexico as an area of ​​welfare and development; seek justice and the common good; promote a social commitment and solidarity organization.

We believe in the ability of members of FEDZAC to improve our communities of origin, we believe in acting FEDZAC transforming our communities with honesty, responsibility and solidarity towards them. In FEDZAC work to strengthen loyalty to the values ​​and principles of both our organization and our members; therefore promote a new culture of transparency and accountability in all our activities and the organizations with which we work.

The main objectives of FEDZAC are:

  • Institutional Strengthening
  • Strengthening committees work in the communities of origin of migrants
  • Productive enterprise consolidation projects funded by migrants
  • Find financial sustainability and diversification
  • Strengthen partnerships with Zacatecan Federations seeking work on the matches and make proposals jointly; Strengthen partnerships with educational institutions like UAZ, Technology regional Polytechnic Universities and different government bodies, etc..


What we do?

Our history

Federacion Zacatecaa AC is the result of the concern of a group of Mexican leaders in the United States to maintain a space dedicated to the care of migrants in Zacatecas presence is required, monitoring, negotiation and knowledge of events in communities, offices and projects. Since 2004 this concern was discussed in the corridors of the building Zacatecan Federation of Southern California; FCZSC, with funding provided by the Rockefeller Foundation was first opened office in Zacatecas with a person engaged in projects to track 3 × 1 and from 2007 OXFAM-Novib Foundation of Holland, through the Faces Foundation Voices in Mexico and continued to fund this innovative and unique initiative in Latin America that stands out for its Bi-National property; for the 2009 Faces and Voices Foundation became OXFAM-MEXICO and renewed support for this initiative thereby achieving legally constitute a civil organization, with all rights and obligations under the Law on August 19 México.Así 2009 in the Public Notary No. 29 of the City of Zacatecas, the Constitutive Act of Zacatecas Federation, AC, whose acronym is FEDZAC is logged.

From December 2009, FEDZAC has offices in Avenida Ortega No. 107-C, and provides to the public from 9:00 to 17:00 at run time. Through the support of OXFAM FEDZAC has been given the task of building a team of professionals in the areas targeted business development, governance, and strengthening of productive projects.

The September 11, 2010, FEDZAC was recognized as the official liaison of several zacatecanos migrant organizations in USA at the three levels of government, business organizations, trade associations, academia and other organizations of civil society in Mexico, this in order serving as permanent presence to facilitate liaison with organizations and associations in USA Zacatecan leaving FEDZAC very clear that is not representative of the associations or organizations but rather a technical arm that helps to link and track their projects and initiatives developed in Mexico.

The objective of this decision, taken by the presidents and leaders of various organizations of migrants from Zacatecas, is to facilitate the coordination of activities, preparation of proposals and ensure that migrant organizations have the information a day of events in Mexico that will allow them ensure the constant presence of migrant leaders in the public, private and social work of Mexico.

To learn more about FEDZAC, please leave a comment or write to contacto@fedzac.mx

The hierarchical structure and operational FEDZAC include the following:


  • President
  • First Vice President
  • Second Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Five vowels

Executive Team

  • Executive Director
  • Operational Coordination
  • Administrative coordinator
  • Accounting coordinator
  • Coordination of Information

For more information, please write to: contacto@fedzac.mx


Our structure