FEDZAC seeks to consolidate more projects in 2014


Federacion Zacatecana continues its mission to help the economic and social development of communities in the state of Zacatecas, which together with the support of Zacatecas migrants in the United States have continued on the path of growth through the productive projects.

So far this 2014 AC Zacatecana Federation is working on the development of more and new production projects in the 2×1 Program for Migrants, which arise from the concern of migrants benefit their families and their communities.

Currently is working FEDZAC resource management to drive these projects amounting to more than 4 million in Federal and State participation in government, which is expected to achieve the consolidation of at least 7 new entrepreneurial projects at various points the state of Zacatecas.

With the above FEDZAC reaffirms its commitment as an ally of migrants in both Mexico and the United States, so they can jump-start the infrastructure that allows them to generate productive jobs and sources in the region, and achieve new development paths to Zacatecas.

FEDZAC hereby extends an invitation for people interested in starting a business and start a new productive enterprise to our offices where we will help you start your project and start with the steps for obtaining resource approaches 2×1 Program .

FEDZAC also offers other business support services through which aim to ensure the proper functioning and sustainability of each project begins with us.

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