MADE Network: A gate to development for civil society

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Building upon the widening cooperation and convergence among hundreds of civil society groups all over the world the past years, a global Migration And DEvelopment (MADE) network for and by civil society will be launched at the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) Civil Society Days in Stockholm, on 12-13 May 2014.

With more people than ever before moving to other countries, it is ever more important for civil society to advocate for policies and practices that ensure the well-being and human dignity of the more than 232 million migrants, diaspora and families, and facilitate their contributions to the development of the communities they live in and come from. Prompted by the need to consistently and collectively step-up civil society’s global advocacy efforts and cooperation with governments, MADE aims to connect and strengthen regional networks and thematic groups of civil society around the world. It will do so by working closely together with existing civil society networks, such as the Global Coalition on Migration, Migrants Rights International, the PanAfrican Network in Defense of Migrants’ Rights, the NGO Committee on Migration, and other networks active in Europe and beyond, with a goal of increasing the capacity of organizations and networks to cooperate and speak in unified voices.

Driving forward civil society’s recommendations from the GFMD and the 5-year 8-point Action Plan that civil society proposed to governments during the UN High-level Dialogue on Migration and Development (HLD) in October 2013, the MADE movement will concentrate on issues such as:

  • Safe labour migration and reforming the migrant worker recruitment industry
  • Migrants and diaspora as entrepreneurs, social investors, and policy advocates and partners for human development in countries of origin, heritage and destination
  • The rights-based global governance of migration and development and ensuring migration and migrants’ potential to positively contribute to development is recognized and upheld in the post-2015 agenda through goals and indicators
  • The protection of migrant rights, en route and in countries of destination

At the same time, the MADE network is also intended to be able to respond to current events, crises and opportunities. Evolving out of civil society’s “self” organizing for the GFMD and HLD since 2011, and coordinated by the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC), the MADE network will work directly with partners around the world, under the guidance of an International Steering Committee comprised of development and human rights NGOs, diaspora and labour organizations, academia and the private sector. The network will be open to civil society organizations worldwide.

In addition to global activities, MADE will start by connecting three regional civil society networks and three global thematic civil society working groups. These networks and working groups, which will be managed by specific partners committed to working with existing
organizations, are:

  • MADE Africa – coordinated by Caritas Sénégal and the Caritas Africa network
  • MADE Asia – coordinated by Migrant Forum in Asia
  • MADE Americas – coordinated by the International Network on Migration and Development (INMD), and the Scalabrini International Migration Network (SIMN), supported by Fundación Scalabrini Chile
  • MADE working group on diaspora, migrants and development – coordinated by diaspora organization the African Diaspora Policy Centre (ADPC)
  • MADE working group on the global governance of migration and development – coordinated by development organization Cordaid
  • MADE working group on labour migration and recruitment – coordinated by migrant rights organization Migrant Forum in Asia

Benefitting from initial funding support for three years from the European Commission, and still seeking co-funding, activities of the MADE network include regional and thematic migration and development conferences before, during and after the GFMD, joint global and regional MADE newsletters, advocacy reports and campaigns, and online and offline exchange of practices and experiences. A small pilot seed fund will also be available, to allow organizations to implement advocacy and policy actions on the ground in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Members of the MADE network will also come together annually during the civil society program of the GFMD.

After the official launch of the MADE network at the GFMD Civil Society Days in Stockholm, Sweden, civil society across the world will be able to join and help lead the movement

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