Material: Who is the better in money transfers from the US?

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The Federal Consumers Bureau (PROFECO) headed by Alfredo Castillo Cervantes, intensified programs to defend the rights of consumers to transfer money from the U.S. to Mexico, especially when in this May increase remittances.

Through the tool “Quien es quien en el envío de dinero” is conducive to transparency of information to avoid the high fees charged for this service and the low exchange rate paid by companies to send money, same attitude that injured the economy of families, mainly from rural areas.

To curb abusive practices, the PROFECO recommends the following safety tips:

Make sure you know the person to whom you send money transfers do not for commercial purposes without a contract and understand their rights and obligations, to ignore developments that may be fraudulent or participate in betting or gambling.

Nor should disclose financial and personal information to third parties, as they may misuse it, while maintaining constant communication with the beneficiaries of the resources that are transferred.

Delegates from across the country have been instructed to disclose information about the costs of remittance services, in order to prevent Mexicans living in the United States are affected by the chicanery of some companies and have the best options for perform these operations.

In the “Consumer Portal” may refer to the amount of fees, speed and rate each company applying for the user to the most appropriate selections.

The “Quién es quién” reports the cost of sending money to companies based in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Jose, Miami and New York.

Quién es quién en el envío de dinero desde EEUU

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