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Mexican Migrants as Development Actors

Document prepared by Carlos Heredia Zubleta and Brenda Valdés Elisa Corona . Consultants / March 2013

The worsening of the living conditions of Mexican migrant communities in the United States and the lack of comprehensive public policies that address the causes and consequences of migration in Mexico led to Mexican migrants join as a collective effort in the Mexican Network of leaders and Migrant Organizations ( RedMX ) . For RedMX priority has been building an agenda containing the different issues that affect us and affect our communities in both Mexico and the United States.

In order to develop this we aimed to develop a mapping of actors, public policy and public and private programs aimed at migrants and their families in Mexico in order to develop an action plan that allows us to be more visible and efficient in our efforts as migrants . In that sense , the purpose of this analysis is to document the current status of public and private programs aimed at Mexican immigrants ( including migrants and return ) in Mexico and the United States. At the governmental level, collect the information on public policy, state and federal investment in programs, and identify the officials responsible for programs identified and key legislators .

Ultimately this mapping exercise of actors, policies and programs of migrants is a tool for decision -making. It aims to provide the members of the RedMX an overview of the issues , institutions and acotres over which seek to influence.

Introducción: Mapeo de Actores (35 hojas)

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