Operation Rules: Program 2×1 for Migrants 2014

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Throughout the years , investment clubs that migrants have made ​​to their communities
origin, on their own initiative and through the 3×1 Program for Migrants , has helped improve conditions
of life for their families , so the migrants themselves , in a new stage of development , are intended to
productive initiatives launched under full corporate vision , coupled to generate jobs
Mexico , allowing them to increase their wealth and their families have greater opportunities
development , reducing the need to migrate .

Increasingly insistence projects of farming became one of the
heartfelt requests of the migrant community .
Responding to this demand, the operating rules for the 3×1 Program for Migrants
fiscal 2009 , formally incorporated actions for the development of production projects for
Strengthening Estate .

The Rules of Operation of the 3×1 Program for Migrants for the current fiscal year , incorporated
shares these guidelines for the development of production projects.
The present Guidelines are issued to comply with the provisions of paragraph 3.5 of the
Operating Rules 3×1 Program for Migrants, and thus complement regulation for
provision , operation and recovery support.

The present Guidelines are intended to establish the criteria and mechanisms for
provision , operation and resource recovery projects aimed at generating productive employment
and strengthen the heritage of families under the 3×1 Program for Migrants.

Criteria and eligibility requirements
Only projects that are proposed by migrants living abroad will be funded. not
will be subject to funding projects proposed by community organizations in Mexico or
local governments.
Productive projects may be of 2 types: a) Individual Productive Projects and, b ) Projects
Productive Community . To be able to receive support migrant Mexicans living abroad must comply with the criteria and submit the appropriate documentation in each case.

Operation Process :
1. Join Application
Two . Representative of migrant
Three . Assessment of applications
April . General Valuation of Proposals
May . approval
6. Responding to requests
7. Delivery of resources
8. Monitoring Projects Supported
9. Recovery funding provided

For more information and detailed criteria and requirements , we invite you to read the rules of operation of this program , Annex 7 :

Descargar Reglas de Operacion 3x1 2014

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