Operation Rules: Schoolarship Program 3×1


With the idea of ​​supporting these young people not to interrupt their studies , is presented below Regulation for the granting of scholarships for outstanding low-income students through the 3×1 Program , according to decisions taken by the Validation Committee for Migrants ( COVAM ) at the second regular meeting held on April 16, 2011 , at the hotel ” Don Miguel ” living ” Conquistadores ” .

Aspiring to get a $ 2000.00 Scholarship , $ 4,000.00 , $ 8,000.00 or $ 12,000.00 pesos shall meet the following requirements:

a) Submit the request of the club of migrants in accordance with the formats set corresponding to the town , the club must be legally established for the purposes of the 3×1 Program .

b ) not be awarded grants by any public agency or private , when you apply the scholarship .

c ) Study of public official establishments or self sustaining .

d ) Submit Birth Certificate .

e) Submit CURP and identification.

f ) Present Evidence of study issued by the institution for the year is filed that includes the average and report card , which must be at least 8 , with the exception mentioned in article 8 .

g ) Provide proof of address .

h ) Socio-economic study proving he is marginality or scarcity of resources.

i ) Provide brief essay according to established format that describes the knowledge you have on the program and on the club you support .

j ) Submit official credentials of the educational institution or voter parent or guardian (in case of primary, secondary and high school level ) . Failure to have the above provide proof of residence issued photo municipality.

k ) Other matters stipulated by this regulation.

Reglas de Operación Programa de Becas 3x1

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