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The Agua Blanca productive project is planned to fatten cattle in the town of Apulco, Zacatecas. The project partners are driving this Mr. Jaime Valdez Villegas, who currently resides Zacatecano migrant in the United States of America is a member of a club of migrants in Southern California and Mr. Orlando Jimenez Valdez, Mexico representative within the Project. The Agua Blanca feedlot develop a business plan and looking for funding through the 2×1 Program for Migrants, where pro generation seek at least 3 direct jobs

This project stems from the need of Jaime Valdez Villegas in Mexico to create jobs and strengthen their heritage and family through a productive project for migrants, which aims to encourage the development of livestock in the region and get the Migrante Fund support operating Productive SEDESOL, meeting the requirements set by the program will form a partnership with the young Orlando Jimenez Valdez.

The project is called feedlot “Agua Blanca” is located in the municipality of Apulco, Zacatecas. Its objective is aimed at fattening and selling cattle for the regional market. Besides the young Orlando early age he was involved with this activity, so you have the necessary knowledge about breeding and fattening animals for their food and their growth. The migrants had to leave their roots to get a better job and thus achieve an opportunity to improve the sustainability and have your family and your community.

This funding will allow him to use the infrastructure that is already available (pens and jetty), which has plans to develop the feedlot has a dimension of approximately 16 acres, this property of the young Orlando and counting as their contribution to this project, in addition to basic services (electricity and water), the above mentioned gives great strength to the project,

Currently planned acquisition of livestock, the construction of a warehouse for receipt of food to use for fattening, medicine, pasture and forage to feed itself. This strategy would have the cap to continue in the business of farming and increase short-term buying heads up.

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