Fresnillo Automobile Rubber

Automotive rubbers Fresnillo is a project dedicated to the marketing of automotive parts and home plan. This project arises from the need of Mr. José Luis Quiñones, migrant and a member of a club in the county of La Puente, and its representative in Mexico who had the interest to get started in the business of spare parts so as to allow them to increase personal income, improving their personal living conditions and pay to the economic development of their communities through employment generation.

By December 2013, the program funding 3×1 migrant has been used in 40% advance for the upgrading and expansion of infrastructure required , vehicle purchase and distribution transport and supplies needed for execution.

Project Goals

  • Improve spares supply service in the town of Fresnillo .
  • Increase the profitability and quality of service to be offered .
  • Generate stable sources of employment in the town of Fresnillo .
  • Having a team trained in the field of mechanics in general.

FEDZAC has supported the project with automotive Hilles Fresnillo finance management , with integration to federation and club with tracking and monitoring before consulting with Federal and State government.

The expected impact is the generation of at least two employees, boosting the local economy and the strengthening of family ties and improving the living conditions of the members of this family.

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