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The draft Greenhouse Haro was requested by the Migrant Young Jessica Haro Lara, migrant and a member of a club in the county of Cudahy who partnered with Mr. Hector Haro Sanchez to run the project which resulted benefited from funding through the program 3×1, in the aspect of production projects.

In the installation of the greenhouse, in the community in the Municipality of Tepebola Apozol , already have a first ship designed for the production of vegetables, specifically what has been harvested since 2009 to date has been tomato, without But no chance as the production of cucumber are dropped.

Partners have a comprehensive view of the project , as well as the project ‘s greenhouse vegetables have a herd of goats which besides meat manure advantage for the production of bio-fertilizer using earthworms California , it will support the cultivation of vegetables , forming thus a sustainable long-term cycle that will allow production to fulfill necessary to certify as organic , ensuring a healthier product.


  • Develop the activity of agriculture seeds 100 % natural.
  • Increase profitability and product quality harvesting and land .
  • Feed and nourish the people of the region , always offering high quality , which meets the requirements of buyers at a fair price .


  • – Marketing the tomato in Zacatecas , Aguascalientes and Durango for the location of the place.
  • Job creation in the community.
  • Achieve an increase in income of the members of the project, to improve the living standards of members and their families.
  • Market Analysis

Description and analysis of raw materials, products and by-products (presentation, packing, crating , nature, quality , attributes and needs met ) .
As of November 2013 the resource already has about 30% of the total for the year to implement appeal is pending the deposit of state action to conclude the construction of the ship emissions. And so vegetables offer quality at a good price .
One of the strengths of the project is that it has FEDZAC monitoring , technical accompaniment CODEMs and students of Tecnológico de Loreto.
Among the major challenges to overcome is the creation of a portfolio of fixed suppliers and adopting new technology.

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