Haro Raising Calves

Raising calves Haro, is a beneficiary of the program project 3×1 for migrants, in the aspect of production projects. This year 2013 , he received the contribution of federal and state governments for implementation.

This project arose from the need of its members, the Zacatecas migrant José Haro , a member of a club in Zacatecan Federation of Southern California and its representative in Mexico , who has extensive experience raising cattle.
As of December and have a 50% complete infrastructure within pens, high ceilings , water tank water storage , as well as in the purchase of cattle , developing business plan, technical assistance in the implementation of project and veterinary services .

• Develop hatchery activity calves free in the beginning of Anabolic 14 heads.
• Increase the profitability and quality of veal calf rearing , feeding only natural grains and pasture.
• Generating employment in the community to reduce the rate of migration, with 3 direct jobs and 10 indirect create.

FEDZAC has supported the project with Haro calves Hatchery management and financial tracking and monitoring before consulting with Federal and State government.
The expected impact is the generation of at least three employees, the revitalization of the local economy and the strengthening of family ties and improving the living conditions of the members of this family.

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