Hernandez Family Calves Farm

Hernandez Family Calves Farm is a productive project built by Mrs. Gladys Hernandez, a migrant and a member club of Southern California, which together with its representative in Mexico have benefited from its financing program for migrant 3×1 .

As of December 2013 , this funding has been used to advance a 40% adequate and necessary infrastructure expansion : feeding, watering , shades , in addition to inputs and livestock .


  • Develop calf rearing activity free of anabolic starting with 26 sows for breeding.
  • Increase the profitability and quality of cattle , feeding only natural grains , fresh grass and never use anabolic .
  • Acquiring a Simmental bull for a breeding line .
  • To feed and nourish the people of the region, offering always won which high quality meat is obtained , free of anabolic , that meets the requirements of buyers at a fair price .

FEDZAC has supported the draft Hatchery Calves Hernandez Family finance management , with integration to federation and club with tracking and monitoring before consulting with Federal and State government.

The expected impact is the generation of at least two employees, boosting the local economy and the strengthening of family ties and improving the living conditions of the members of this family.

In January of 2014, Livestock has a 80 % progress in implementing the project , and are investing their best efforts to this business than before, by the scarcity of water had stopped, now with the investment generated with the 3×1 program continues with a steady and sustained growth .

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