The Coyotera

The Coyotera production project consisting Calves farm has been approved for funding through the “2×1 Program for Migrants.” This funding request received Zacatecano migrant Eduardo Aguirre, who belongs to the club Nochistlán Little Village, who lives in California, USA.

Will begin this year, 2012, to work for the achievement of the following goals:
➢ Develop hatchery activity calves.
➢ Increase the profitability and quality of veal calf rearing, feeding only natural grains and pasture.
➢ To generate employment in the community to reduce migration rates, with the 6 direct jobs and 10 indirect create.

This productive enterprise has the challenge to maintain a stable market based on establishing the conditions necessary to provide customers the best quality cattle in the region. In addition to meeting your goals, with the 2×1 program funding, will buy livestock, fodder, will cover labor, and technical support and training track consisting in administration, accounting, operational and information technology.

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