Palos Colorados Livestock

This project was initiated by Hector Manuel, migrant lives in Chicago, Illinois who has the dream of returning to their land to do what your family knows best and is the buying and selling cattle.

This draft cattle called “Livestock Los Palos Colorados” is headed by Hector Manuel and his Dad whom he associates to carry out this project that is focused on fattening and selling cattle for local and regional market. In March 2012 made an application for funding through the program 2×1 for migrants, and to be approved and have begun this month of June with the acquisition of a pasture mix truck, livestock, supplies for food and you plan to be generating between other social and economic benefits by creating at least 4 direct and 10 indirect jobs.

As in other projects, the program 2×1 for migrants, paid for partners working in the operation of your business plan to achieve its planned objectives:

  • Develop the activity of feedlot
  • Increase profitability and quality of fattening cattle, feeding only natural grains and pasture.
  • Feed and nourish the people of the region, offering cattle which always get high quality meat.
  • Create jobs in the community to reduce migration rates.
  • And to ensure transparency mechanisms, records for appropriate decision-making, the Civil Society Development Consultants Business Migrant SC or CODEM, is taking care of its monitoring and supervision in the areas of accounting, administrative, operational and information technology.

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