Melendez Grocery

Abarrotera Melendrez is a productive project that has benefited 3×1 Program for Migrants in the slope of productive projects for fiscal year 2013.

By December 2013, the program funding 3×1 migrant has been used in 40% advance for the adaptation and extension of necessary infrastructure and supplies needed for execution.


  • Offer different types of products, capitalization and profitability.
  • Acquisition of new machinery to diversify services and more demand.
  • Achieve an increase in income of the members of the project, to improve the living standards of members and their families

FEDZAC has supported the decorations and interior project management Fresnillo with financing, with the integration of the federation and club with tracking and monitoring before consulting with Federal and State government.
The expected impact is the generation of at least three employees, the revitalization of the local economy and the strengthening of family ties and improving the living conditions of the members of this family.

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1º Revisión

Noviembre 2013

2º Revisión

Enero 2014

3º Revisión

Noviembre 2013

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