This company is a productive project that starts at the initiative of a migrant Nochistlense based in Los Angeles California that belongs to Club La Villita which is affiliated to the Federation of Zacatecan Southern California since March 2010 decided to partner with a friend that lies in Nochistlán , Zacatecas to operate 1 water purification plant in this county, by wp- trademark ” the Resume ” to sell purified water in 20-liter containers in the form of ” self ” where customers can bring their jug own or acquire the needed parameters.

The plant, located in the northern part has a processing capacity of 3.000 liters of water daily , wp- through a purification process using the technique of reverse osmosis, activated carbon filter and ultraviolet light to ensure the purity of water.

” The Resume ” is a safe and reliable alternative to consume water without damaging health , as follows national and international standards for drinking water, the project undoubtedly gives an alternative to what is consumed locally and thereby generate a better economic development in the town because the money is not the big corporations is removed but is reinvested in the region.

This company was created with the goal of having a profitable business that could generate 4 direct jobs and 20 indirect , with reliable equipment purified water purification offering the best quality and excellent service , seeking to expand the product level regional , to offer the product in some outlets of the county seat and the most important communities , the citizens will benefit Nochistlán come with excellent product quality and hygiene at a lower price up to 50 % respect to that offer current service providers.

To carry out this project was supported by the program 1 × 1 , which is able to acquire the necessary equipment to begin operations .

The services provided FEDZAC have been in the area of accounting and administration, and is also supported in the preparation of manual operation and management control.

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