Quezada New Generation

The project’s centerpiece guava reactivate a field that for many years his family had planted, however, the economic crisis of the 90’s left to migrate to the United States of America. Today this project is reactivated under the leadership of Ricardo seeking, as a member of a new generation, re-development of agriculture in the region, through the support of funding from the Migrant Productive Operating SEDESOL, commonly called “2×1 for migrants” .


Its objective is aimed at cultivating guava, tomato, zucchini, etc.. markets for Aguascalientes and Guadalajara. Your dad has the knowledge and experience in vegetable crops, also has the right terrain for this business, with their respective concessions for pumping water.

With funding from “2×1 program for migrants” will be installed for irrigation modernization guava, for increased production, and also contribute to the environment, and you will save up to 80% of water and electricity, preparing 4 hectares of land to grow tomatoes, zucchini and other inputs that allow increasing production and generating at least 10 direct jobs and 30 indirect, also will follow and will include technical advice and support in the area of accounting , administration, operation and computing.

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Noviembre 2011

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Febrero 2012

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Junio 2012

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