Sandoval Tyre Store


Sandoval Tyre Store is a venture that was born from the initiative of two Zacatecanos migrants who wish to return to his family and work in a business that generates income necessary to meet their economic needs.

One of the partners could realize his dream and as tending 13 years living abroad, returned to their place of origin and is now in charge of this business, currently being contacted for a new stage FEDZAC who have decided entrepreneurship: expanding its business and diversify its services, by funding the 2×1 program with the participation of migrant partner.

Currently their services are aimed at car washes, engine and chassis, with the equipment and basic infrastructure. Following a day in the high season, in the months of December and January, up to 20 people per day, differentiating normal season the attention of about 10 people per day.

With the implementation of this financing offer services planned oil change, new tire sales and repair them. They are expected to generate three to four permanent jobs.

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Noviembre 2011

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Junio 2012

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