Strawberry Production and Sale

This project was initiated by the Brothers Olmos, originating Tlachichila, Nochistlán those with the motivation to generate alternatives in their community decided in 2008 that originally diversify crops were corn and begin with the harvest of strawberries for sale in nearby municipalities, including in the State of Aguascalientes.

The five brothers were associated and participated in the enterprise with activities and tasks such as marketing, crop input purchases and research, as they like in all families have different talents and among them one of the main teamwork.

Initially focused on the design of the farming operation, training of human capital, determination of irrigation infrastructure and protection.

Today, thanks to his brother who lives in Olmos Aureliano Auburn, Washington was informed that funding could have “2×1 Program for Migrants” decided to submit applications under the Nochistlénses Club in Seattle, as they require to build infrastructure macro tunnels that allow an increase in the production of at least 30%. His project was requested in March 2012 and was validated by the COVAM the same month and now with this new resource is to achieve the following objectives:

1) Construction of two hectares of macro – tunnel and its irrigation system

2) Increase the quality and yield of strawberry

3) To increase direct employment by the activities planned

4) Increased revenue from the sale of strawberry

5) Keep strawberry customers throughout the year

The business plan of this investment project will be accompanied by counseling accounting, administrative, operational and information support in the area who pay the proper performance in project implementation and marketing of their product.

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