The Three Kings

Three Kings is a productive project generated Mr. Solomon Reyes, migrant and a member of a club in North Carolina and Ms. Juliet who was benefited with funding through the 3×1 Program for Migrants, on the slope of productive projects .
The project aims to start a small business of goat farming, which will start with 96 stallions bellies and 4 goats to provide its customers meat quality, accessibility and value.

In early December 2013 the project has a 40% progress in project implementation, and the missing resource is expected by the Ministry of Social Development to finish this month.

FEDZAC has supported the project of the Three Kings to the management of funding, with the integration of the federation and club with tracking and monitoring before consulting with Federal and State government.

The expected impact is the generation of at least two employees, boosting the local economy and the strengthening of family ties and improving the living conditions of the members of this family.

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Noviembre 2013

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Enero 2014


Marzo 2014

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