Tres Pueblos Integrator

This project is a production of mezcal which represents 17 Rural Production Societies of Municipalities of Trinidad Garcia de la Cadena, Mezquital del Oro, Teúl Gonzalez Ortega, Florencia de Benito Juarez, Santa Maria de la Paz and Tepechitlan, totaling Agave producers 246.

This group begins its integration in the year 2006 , as production of mezcal is an activity performed by familial tradition in this region for many years where artisanal mezcal made ​​in stone ovens was produced and sold in bulk barrels , but it is up to 5 years who decide to join to work together for the same goal: to create jobs and stop the migration .

This project is the condition of land and water for optimal development of the project, and now has a fairly wide production of mezcal stored ready for packaging and I have all the adequate infrastructure for quality production .

Mezcal marketing Tres Pueblos is directed to the domestic market in Jalisco, Mexico DF and in the international market to Japan and the United States mainly because it has agreements to when the product and packaging with all the requirements needed for export ready.

It is estimated that in the short term will be creating about 50 more jobs , which would impact on the economy of the region and try to influence this migration.

For the Three Village Mezcal is important to use existing resources to adopt new production strategies , leading to the incorporation of appropriate supply chains , generating this an economic and social welfare .

At which have the goals in this project, have a low-cost production and high production yields.

Develop in young adults and rural women a long- term development , wp- through training and technical assistance which will allow the creation of viable and sustainable projects.

FEDZAC office has been attentive in supporting this project and since 2010 he accompanies and advises on management, accounting and management , is currently looking for a support program 3 x 1 for the packaging of the product , which is essential for the project to further progress commercialization.

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