Program 3×1 for Migrants

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programa 3x1

3×1 Program for Migrants

Program 3 × 1 born in the state of Zacatecas and has been driven in difficult times Zacatecas had the need to migrate to the United States in search of work and better and more dignified living conditions , these migrants today have found a way to organize clubs who are able to share their savings and their work to promote and support various works chosen in consultation with their community when they visit their villages ; these migrant clubs organized into federations have succeeded motivation the three levels of government where migrants work together in government and reduce many of the social needs building drinking water , sewers , schools, electrification , wells , roads , sports fields, museums, temples and cemeteries and others in their communities, this wp – using a consistent mechanism for every dollar that migrants bring , the three levels of Municipal , State and Federal government undertake to provide another dollar each .

its origins

The origins of the program are set around the 70’s when the clubs of Mexican migrants began to organize to build basic infrastructure in their communities of origin, such as drinking water, electrification , hospitals, etc. For the 80’s the Zacatecas were more visible and getting organized for the year 1986 to invite the Governor of the state of Zacatecas to bring the first cooperation agreement between the State Government and the Federation of Zacatecan Southern California program giving rise to 1 × 1 .

For the year 1992 the first cooperation agreement between Zacatecan Federation of Southern California , the State Government and Federal Government giving rise to Programme 2 × 1 is signed.

In 1999 at the request of the Federation Zacatecan in the American Union State Government makes the invitation to mayors to contribute their resources equitably leading the program as a new type 3 × 1.

Given the success of the program is complicated to obtain federal resources so that in 2001 the Federation of Zacatecan Southern California asks the President of Mexico Vicente Fox Quezada institutionalization of program 3 × 1 an agreement was signed in the city of santa Ana , California to make the program available to all 31 states of the Mexican Republic with a fund already allocated directly by the Congress achieved in 2002 creating the Citizens’ Initiative program 3 × 1 itself has been amended its rules of operation each year managing to Reset the original program until February 2005, again calling it ” 3 × 1 Program for migrants ” and which continually works to bring the rules in line with the needs of migrants and home communities.

Program 3 × 1 has now become the main reason that Mexicans in the United States are organized thus achieving promotion projects in the communities of origin while promoting Mexican culture and Estate the United States.

Today Federations Club is committed to promoting the integration of Mexicans in the United States for what kinds of English Financial , Education and Civic Participation are also taught to migrants to be part of a great development on both sides of the border .

Authorization process

Club affiliated to a Federation agrees migrants to their community and municipality conducting a project social.
Work request is formalized through the relevant Federation
The municipality prepares the technical file and delivers it to the coordination of program 3 × 1 with the application of the Federation.
The Committee of Validation and Attention to Migrants , validates the proposals will be approved ; COVAM .
Once approved projects before releasing resources Seplader SEDESOL and managed .
We proceed to implement and monitor the work
The work to the community for their care and maintenance delivery.

History Data

Year Work Location Investment

1992 Se firma convenio 2×1
1993 7 6 $ 1’877,428.00
1994 30 13 $ 3’772,561.00
1995 34 10 $ 3’905,354.00
1996 63 12 $ 7’066,386.00
1997 77 16 $ 16’825,569.00
1998 7 7 $ 772,581.00
1998 Se firma convenio 3×1
1999 93 27 $ 48’179,000.00
2000 108 28 $ 59’527,896.00
2001 118 22 $ 62’789,042.00
2001 Se Institucionaliza el programa 3×1
2002 308 43 $169’365,150.00
2003 324 40 $147’771,241.00
2004 282 42 $125’947,530.00

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