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programa 3x1

Program 3×1 for Migrants

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3×1 Program for Migrants

Program 3 × 1 born in the state of Zacatecas and has been driven in difficult times Zacatecas had the need to migrate to the United States in search of work and better and more dignified living conditions , these migrants today have found a way to organize clubs who are able to share their savings and their work to promote and support various works chosen in consultation with their community when they visit their villages ; these migrant clubs organized into federations have succeeded motivation the three levels of government where migrants work together in government and reduce many of the social needs building drinking water , sewers , schools, electrification , wells , roads , sports fields, museums, temples and cemeteries and others in their communities, this wp – using a consistent mechanism for every dollar that migrants bring , the three levels of Municipal , State and Federal government undertake to provide another dollar each .

its origins

The origins of the program are set around the 70’s when the clubs of Mexican migrants began to organize to build basic infrastructure in their communities of origin, such as drinking water, electrification , hospitals, etc. For the 80’s the Zacatecas were more visible and getting organized for the year 1986 to invite the Governor of the state of Zacatecas to bring the first cooperation agreement between the State Government and the Federation of Zacatecan Southern California program giving rise to 1 × 1 .

For the year 1992 the first cooperation agreement between Zacatecan Federation of Southern California , the State Government and Federal Government giving rise to Programme 2 × 1 is signed.

In 1999 at the request of the Federation Zacatecan in the American Union State Government makes the invitation to mayors to contribute their resources equitably leading the program as a new type 3 × 1.

Given the success of the program is complicated to obtain federal resources so that in 2001 the Federation of Zacatecan Southern California asks the President of Mexico Vicente Fox Quezada institutionalization of program 3 × 1 an agreement was signed in the city of santa Ana , California to make the program available to all 31 states of the Mexican Republic with a fund already allocated directly by the Congress achieved in 2002 creating the Citizens’ Initiative program 3 × 1 itself has been amended its rules of operation each year managing to Reset the original program until February 2005, again calling it ” 3 × 1 Program for migrants ” and which continually works to bring the rules in line with the needs of migrants and home communities.

Program 3 × 1 has now become the main reason that Mexicans in the United States are organized thus achieving promotion projects in the communities of origin while promoting Mexican culture and Estate the United States.

Today Federations Club is committed to promoting the integration of Mexicans in the United States for what kinds of English Financial , Education and Civic Participation are also taught to migrants to be part of a great development on both sides of the border .

Authorization process

Club affiliated to a Federation agrees migrants to their community and municipality conducting a project social.
Work request is formalized through the relevant Federation
The municipality prepares the technical file and delivers it to the coordination of program 3 × 1 with the application of the Federation.
The Committee of Validation and Attention to Migrants , validates the proposals will be approved ; COVAM .
Once approved projects before releasing resources Seplader SEDESOL and managed .
We proceed to implement and monitor the work
The work to the community for their care and maintenance delivery.

History Data

Year Work Location Investment

1992 Se firma convenio 2×1
1993 7 6 $ 1’877,428.00
1994 30 13 $ 3’772,561.00
1995 34 10 $ 3’905,354.00
1996 63 12 $ 7’066,386.00
1997 77 16 $ 16’825,569.00
1998 7 7 $ 772,581.00
1998 Se firma convenio 3×1
1999 93 27 $ 48’179,000.00
2000 108 28 $ 59’527,896.00
2001 118 22 $ 62’789,042.00
2001 Se Institucionaliza el programa 3×1
2002 308 43 $169’365,150.00
2003 324 40 $147’771,241.00
2004 282 42 $125’947,530.00

programa 2x1

Program 2×1 for Migrants

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This new programs requested by migrants beginning with the Federal Government in Scheme 1 × 1 now only in the state of Zacatecas is 2 for 1 because Mr. Miguel Alonso Reyes Governor is committed to encourage more migrant investment and job creation in Zacatecas.

Throughout the years , investment clubs that migrants have made ​​to their communities of origin, on their own initiative and through the Program 3 × 1 Migrant has helped improve the lives of their families , so migrants themselves, in a new stage of development , looking to launch initiatives under a fully productive entrepreneurial vision , along that will create jobs in Mexico , will enable them to increase their wealth and their families have greater opportunities development , reducing the need to migrate .

Increasingly insistence projects of farming became one of the most pressing demands of the migrant community based in the United States, mainly those located in the states of California and Illinois , where many are HTA .

Responding to this demand, the operating rules of the 3 × 1 Program for Migrants for fiscal 2009, was formally incorporated actions for the development of production projects for the Heritage Building .

The operating rules of the 3 × 1 Program for Migrant fiscal 2011 reflected this kind of support again.

The present Guidelines are issued to comply with the provisions of paragraph 3.5 of the operating rules of the Program 3 × 1 Migrant , and thus complement regulation for the issuance , operation and recovery support for Productive Projects for Building Wealth .


The present Guidelines are aimed at establishing the criteria and mechanisms for granting, operation and recovery oriented single – family bi that create jobs and strengthen the heritage of families, in the framework of productive projects , family and Resources 3 × 1 Migrant .

What is ?

This program is that for every dollar that the migrant invests in Zacatecas the Federal Government pays a dollar and the State Government pays one plus (2 x 1) , that with O % interest with a term of 5 years to pay travez a migrant club to do a work in your community under schedule 3 × 1. ( Drinking water , flooring , electrification , etc.).

The maximum amount the federal government can provide to an individual is $ 300,000.00 ( Three hundred thousand pesos)

The maximum amount that the State Government can give to an individual is $ 300,000.00 ( Three hundred thousand pesos)

For projects where migrants can be associated with one or more persons :

The maximum amount the federal government can provide two or more members is $ 500,000.00 ( Quinentos thousand pesos)The maximum amount that the State Government may provide two or more members is $ 500,000.00 ( Five hundred thousand pesos)

Criteria and eligibility requirements

Only projects that are proposed by migrants living abroad will be funded. Not be subject to financing those projects proposed by community organizations or local governments in Mexico .

To qualify for productive projects aimed at strengthening the heritage resources , Mexican migrants living abroad must meet the criteria described below and submit the appropriate documentation in each case.

Compliance with the above requirements and criteria does not guarantee the granting of support, since it is subject to the selection criteria set out in section 3.2 of the rules of operation as well as the availability of the program budget.

Those migrants who reside in countries where no consular registration is issued by the Government of Mexico, may prove their migrant status with any other official document will be submitted for consideration and validation of SEDESOL delegation before project approval part of COVAM

programa becas 3x1

Schoolarship Program 3×1

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Scholarship Program 3×1 funded Migrant and Municipal , State and Federal Governments

The 3X1 Program , originates in the state of Zacatecas and is powered by zacatecanos who had the need to emigrate to the United States in search of work and better living conditions , same as in recent years without forgetting its roots and its people, have been proposed share largely their savings and their work, by promoting and supporting various projects and actions that they live consensus with your community determine undertake aimed primarily at improving the conditions of development of their hometowns , encouraging the participation of the three levels of government : Federal , State and Municipal , so that with the concurrence of actions and resources trying to bring down some social backwardness , by wp- sharing mechanism , namely that for every weight they bring , the three orders of government, above , undertake to provide other weight each .

While the origins of the program are established around the 60’s , was in the year 1986 when the first cooperation agreement between the State Government and Clubs Zacatecan residents of the United States was signed , giving rise to Programme 2 X 1. In 1992 , the federal government joined the effort giving rise to the agenda 2 × 1.

In early 1999 , the State Government took over the program , seeking the participation of the Federal Government , which had been withdrawn in 1995 , so in coordination with Ministry of Social Development , SEDESOL , they orchestrated the new scheme of the program, again being invited also to participate in municipal government with the provision of resources , resulting in the program as a new mode called ” Three for One ” .

In the city of Santa Ana , California, in 2001 , the Federal and State executives signed the cooperation agreement with the full force that is given to the program , becoming a national program since 2002 .

During this new stage , they have had to overcome many difficulties , yet the results are well worth it , because thanks to the participation of Zacatecas organized in the American Union have to date a number works and actions, which have benefited many communities.

However, the clubs organized zacatecanos rooted in the American Union , not only were interested in supporting their communities through the execution of works and community actions but also through support for seeking personal development of its inhabitants in this way , they have worked significantly in awarding scholarships to low income students , for economic reasons , they are often in need of dropping out to join any labor activity , enabling them to support the economy family and like many of their families are forced to look for these revenues in the United States.

Therefore , with the idea of ​​supporting these young people not to interrupt their studies , is presented below Regulation for granting scholarships to outstanding students of scarce resources through the 3 × 1 program , according to agreements reached by the Validation Committee for Migrants ( COVAM ) at the second regular meeting held on April 16, 2011 , at the hotel ” Don Miguel ” living ” Conquistadores ” .

Aspiring to get a $ 2000.00 Scholarship , $ 4,000.00 , $ 8,000.00 or $ 12,000.00 pesos shall meet the following requirements:

a) Submit the request of the club of migrants in accordance with the formats set corresponding to the town , the club must be legally established for the purposes of Schedule 3 × 1.

b ) not be awarded grants by any public agency or private , when you apply the scholarship .

c ) Study of public official establishments or self sustaining .

d ) Submit Birth Certificate .

e) Submit CURP and identification.

f ) Present Evidence of study issued by the institution for the year is filed that includes the average and report card , which must be at least 8 , with the exception mentioned in article 8 .

g ) Provide proof of address .

h ) Socio-economic study proving he is marginality or scarcity of resources.

i ) Provide brief essay according to established format that describes the knowledge you have on the program and on the club you support .

j ) Submit official credentials of the educational institution or voter parent or guardian (in case of primary, secondary and high school level ) . Failure to have the above provide proof of residence issued photo municipality.

k ) Other matters stipulated by this regulation.

Download : Operating Rules 3×1 Scholarship Program

Schoolarship Program 3x1 Rules


tianguis agropecuario

Market for the Zacatecas agriculture community in the United States

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In order to encourage and promote the entrenchment of Zacatecas community in the place of origin, the state government of Zacatecas in collaboration with clubs and federations has driven through the years called agricultural tianguis under Celebration Zacatecano day. These tianguis benefit the families of the migrants in the community of origin wp-through support of up to 50% or $ 150,000.00 pesos to support the purchase of tractors, 50% or $ 50,000.00 pesos in agricultural implements and livestock and to $ 14,000.00 pesos in stallions and farms.

For people who benefit from the raffle went tractors, agricultural implements or stallions in Zacatecano Day celebration in November 2013, we inform you that they are already receiving documents in Zacatecas so that they can claim their support.

Requirements for support of up to $ 150,000.00 pesos for a Tractor are:

1. Credential Copy elector on both sides
2. Copy both sides CURP
3. Copy of proof of residence in Mexico (recent water or light)
4. Copy of notarial deed of the property with a hectare per horsepower tractor you are considering buying , parcel certificate or should not have all the required surface can present a lease for at least 3 years duly signed and stamped by the mayor, trustee or representative of the community. This lease must be accompanied with their respective copies of deeds or parcel certificate .
May . Copy of official Tractor quote

Submit these documents to the offices located in Zacatecas SEDAGRO on the Panamerican Highway 215 kilometer ( Fresnillo – Zacatecas road , almost at the airport on your right)
Telephone : 492 923-9501 and 478 985 4210 ext 3012 , Mr. José Ángel González .

The requirements for agricultural implements are :

1. Credential Copy elector on both sides
2. Copy both sides CURP
3. Copy of proof of residence in Mexico (recent water or light)
4. Copy of notarial certificate or parcel of land with a minimum of 10 hectares.

The requirements for livestock implements and / or stallions are:

1. Credential Copy elector on both sides
2. Copy both sides CURP
3. Copy of proof of residence in Mexico (recent water or light)
4. Copy of notarial certificate or parcel of land with a minimum of 10 acres
5 Copy credential livestock on both sides
6. Copy of certificates mop (brucellosis and / or tuberculosis, 2009 to date)
7. Certificate of high livestock to SINIGA

For more details about what supports this program, we invite you to download the following brochure:

Requisitos para Tianguis