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programa becas 3x1

Scholarship Program 3×1 funded Migrant and Municipal , State and Federal Governments

The 3X1 Program , originates in the state of Zacatecas and is powered by zacatecanos who had the need to emigrate to the United States in search of work and better living conditions , same as in recent years without forgetting its roots and its people, have been proposed share largely their savings and their work, by promoting and supporting various projects and actions that they live consensus with your community determine undertake aimed primarily at improving the conditions of development of their hometowns , encouraging the participation of the three levels of government : Federal , State and Municipal , so that with the concurrence of actions and resources trying to bring down some social backwardness , by wp- sharing mechanism , namely that for every weight they bring , the three orders of government, above , undertake to provide other weight each .

While the origins of the program are established around the 60’s , was in the year 1986 when the first cooperation agreement between the State Government and Clubs Zacatecan residents of the United States was signed , giving rise to Programme 2 X 1. In 1992 , the federal government joined the effort giving rise to the agenda 2 × 1.

In early 1999 , the State Government took over the program , seeking the participation of the Federal Government , which had been withdrawn in 1995 , so in coordination with Ministry of Social Development , SEDESOL , they orchestrated the new scheme of the program, again being invited also to participate in municipal government with the provision of resources , resulting in the program as a new mode called ” Three for One ” .

In the city of Santa Ana , California, in 2001 , the Federal and State executives signed the cooperation agreement with the full force that is given to the program , becoming a national program since 2002 .

During this new stage , they have had to overcome many difficulties , yet the results are well worth it , because thanks to the participation of Zacatecas organized in the American Union have to date a number works and actions, which have benefited many communities.

However, the clubs organized zacatecanos rooted in the American Union , not only were interested in supporting their communities through the execution of works and community actions but also through support for seeking personal development of its inhabitants in this way , they have worked significantly in awarding scholarships to low income students , for economic reasons , they are often in need of dropping out to join any labor activity , enabling them to support the economy family and like many of their families are forced to look for these revenues in the United States.

Therefore , with the idea of ​​supporting these young people not to interrupt their studies , is presented below Regulation for granting scholarships to outstanding students of scarce resources through the 3 × 1 program , according to agreements reached by the Validation Committee for Migrants ( COVAM ) at the second regular meeting held on April 16, 2011 , at the hotel ” Don Miguel ” living ” Conquistadores ” .

Aspiring to get a $ 2000.00 Scholarship , $ 4,000.00 , $ 8,000.00 or $ 12,000.00 pesos shall meet the following requirements:

a) Submit the request of the club of migrants in accordance with the formats set corresponding to the town , the club must be legally established for the purposes of Schedule 3 × 1.

b ) not be awarded grants by any public agency or private , when you apply the scholarship .

c ) Study of public official establishments or self sustaining .

d ) Submit Birth Certificate .

e) Submit CURP and identification.

f ) Present Evidence of study issued by the institution for the year is filed that includes the average and report card , which must be at least 8 , with the exception mentioned in article 8 .

g ) Provide proof of address .

h ) Socio-economic study proving he is marginality or scarcity of resources.

i ) Provide brief essay according to established format that describes the knowledge you have on the program and on the club you support .

j ) Submit official credentials of the educational institution or voter parent or guardian (in case of primary, secondary and high school level ) . Failure to have the above provide proof of residence issued photo municipality.

k ) Other matters stipulated by this regulation.

Download : Operating Rules 3×1 Scholarship Program

Schoolarship Program 3x1 Rules


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