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Operation Rules: Program 2×1 for Migrants 2014

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Throughout the years , investment clubs that migrants have made ​​to their communities
origin, on their own initiative and through the 3×1 Program for Migrants , has helped improve conditions
of life for their families , so the migrants themselves , in a new stage of development , are intended to
productive initiatives launched under full corporate vision , coupled to generate jobs
Mexico , allowing them to increase their wealth and their families have greater opportunities
development , reducing the need to migrate .

Increasingly insistence projects of farming became one of the
heartfelt requests of the migrant community .
Responding to this demand, the operating rules for the 3×1 Program for Migrants
fiscal 2009 , formally incorporated actions for the development of production projects for
Strengthening Estate .

The Rules of Operation of the 3×1 Program for Migrants for the current fiscal year , incorporated
shares these guidelines for the development of production projects.
The present Guidelines are issued to comply with the provisions of paragraph 3.5 of the
Operating Rules 3×1 Program for Migrants, and thus complement regulation for
provision , operation and recovery support.

The present Guidelines are intended to establish the criteria and mechanisms for
provision , operation and resource recovery projects aimed at generating productive employment
and strengthen the heritage of families under the 3×1 Program for Migrants.

Criteria and eligibility requirements
Only projects that are proposed by migrants living abroad will be funded. not
will be subject to funding projects proposed by community organizations in Mexico or
local governments.
Productive projects may be of 2 types: a) Individual Productive Projects and, b ) Projects
Productive Community . To be able to receive support migrant Mexicans living abroad must comply with the criteria and submit the appropriate documentation in each case.

Operation Process :
1. Join Application
Two . Representative of migrant
Three . Assessment of applications
April . General Valuation of Proposals
May . approval
6. Responding to requests
7. Delivery of resources
8. Monitoring Projects Supported
9. Recovery funding provided

For more information and detailed criteria and requirements , we invite you to read the rules of operation of this program , Annex 7 :

Descargar Reglas de Operacion 3x1 2014


Operation Rules: Schoolarship Program 3×1

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With the idea of ​​supporting these young people not to interrupt their studies , is presented below Regulation for the granting of scholarships for outstanding low-income students through the 3×1 Program , according to decisions taken by the Validation Committee for Migrants ( COVAM ) at the second regular meeting held on April 16, 2011 , at the hotel ” Don Miguel ” living ” Conquistadores ” .

Aspiring to get a $ 2000.00 Scholarship , $ 4,000.00 , $ 8,000.00 or $ 12,000.00 pesos shall meet the following requirements:

a) Submit the request of the club of migrants in accordance with the formats set corresponding to the town , the club must be legally established for the purposes of the 3×1 Program .

b ) not be awarded grants by any public agency or private , when you apply the scholarship .

c ) Study of public official establishments or self sustaining .

d ) Submit Birth Certificate .

e) Submit CURP and identification.

f ) Present Evidence of study issued by the institution for the year is filed that includes the average and report card , which must be at least 8 , with the exception mentioned in article 8 .

g ) Provide proof of address .

h ) Socio-economic study proving he is marginality or scarcity of resources.

i ) Provide brief essay according to established format that describes the knowledge you have on the program and on the club you support .

j ) Submit official credentials of the educational institution or voter parent or guardian (in case of primary, secondary and high school level ) . Failure to have the above provide proof of residence issued photo municipality.

k ) Other matters stipulated by this regulation.

Reglas de Operación Programa de Becas 3x1


Material: Politic Manual Advocacy Facilitation

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This manual is the product of six years of experience in training and monitoring of processes of change through advocacy in Central America. The main purpose is to provide conceptual and methodological elements for people who want to train civil society groups in participatory planning methodology for advocacy and facilitate processes of change through public policy in favor of traditionally marginalized sectors.

Manual de Facilitación de Incidencia Política


Material: Do you know what to do in case of deportation?

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Here is a manual developed by the Appleseed Foundation, for whose realization was attended by Efraín Jiménez, president of FEDZAC.

Manual En caso de Deportación

Este manual ha sido generosamente financiado de forma parcial por Annie E. Casey Foundation. Se agradece a la fundación por todo su apoyo. Appleseed también agradece a:


DLA Piper (through Elizabeth Dewey) Skadden Arps (through Ron Tabak)

Project Attorneys

Monami Chakrabati – Skadden Renee Chantler – DLA Piper Joshua Dilk
Sean Doyle

Ron Eden
Jill Falor
Ebba Gebisa – Skadden
Heather Giannandrea
Elizabeth Harlan – Skadden
Justin Heather – Skadden
Richard Hindman – Skadden
Collin Janus – Skadden
Rose Jenkins – Skadden
Philip Jensen – DLA Piper
Masha Khazan – Skadden
Steven Krause
Luke Laumann
Alan Limbach – DLA Piper
Qian Linghu
Erika Lucas – DLA Piper
John Lynch
Kevin Mack – Skadden
Tina Mitsis
Christia Pritts – DLA Piper
Eunice Rho
Patrick Rickerfor
William Robertson
Nicola Rosenstock
Kathleen Scott
James Stillwaggon
Carlos Sole – DLA Piper
Kathleen Tam – Skadden
Ronald Yin – DLA Piper
Kathryn Youker – Texas RioGrande Legal Aid

Project Advisors

Tanisha Bowens ‐ Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. Alison Brown ‐ Peck Law Firm, LLC
Rob Dorton‐ Lutheran Immigration Services

Oliver Bush Espinosa ‐ Director de Relaciones Interinstitu‐ cionales, Instituto Nacional de Migración, Secretaria de Gobernación

Efrain Jimenez ‐ Zacatecas Hometown Association in Los Angeles

Linda Paulson ‐ Foundation Communities
Kevin Ruser ‐ The University of Nebraska‐Lincoln Legal

Carlos Salinas ‐ Texas RioGrande Legal Aid
Norma Ang Sánchez ‐ Directora de Protección para Estados

Unidos, Dirección General de Protección a Mexicanos en el Exterior, Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores SER Paromita Shah ‐ National Immigration Project of the National

Lawyers Guild
Tracey Whitley ‐ Texas RioGrande Legal Aid

Appleseed Financial Access and Asset Building Project

Executive Director: Betsy Cavendish

Report Contributors:
Jordan Vexler, Deputy Director, Appleseed Financial Access

and Asset Building Project *
Benet Magnuson, Kaufman‐Skirnick Fellow, Appleseed

Financial Access and Asset Building Project ** Annette LoVoi, Director, Appleseed Financial Access and

Asset Building Project
Ann Baddour, Senior Policy Analyst, Texas Appleseed Tammy Bersherse, Attorney, South Carolina Appleseed Jennifer Ching, Director, New York Appleseed
Jeremy Cook, Deputy Communications Director, Appleseed Maru Cortazar, Executive Director, México Appleseed
Shay Farley, Legal Director, Alabama Appleseed
Becky Gould, Executive Director, Nebraska Appleseed Heather Jones, Grants Manager, Appleseed
Rebecca Lightsey, Executive Director, Texas Appleseed Malcolm Rich, Executive Director, Chicago Appleseed Zaraí Salvador‐Mátar, Operations Director, México

Zayne Smith, Immigration Policy Fellow, Alabama


*Project Director **Project Coordinator

Vicky Cojab, Intern, México Appleseed